Introduction to The College Foodie Guide

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The College Foodie Guide.  The intention of this blog is to spice up your everyday college cuisine.  No more boring ramen noodles or mac and cheese, it is time to venture outside of your comfort zone and start preparing you and your housemates simple, fast, and delicious dishes that will make your tummies smile.  Don’t be afraid!  I’ll give you step by step instructions on how YOU can produce these fun and yummy meals without breaking the bank.  We all understand how difficult it is to be a gourmet chef while on a college student budget.

Throughout this blog, I am going to focus on quick and easy recipes that are bound to impress your friends.  No one said you needed 100 ingredients and years of skills to create something delicious.  All of the ingredients I utilize within these recipes are NOT out of the box.  You can find all of them conveniently at locations close to you that are quite affordable, such as Aldis and Walmart.  My goal is to help you expand your horizons and begin to explore the wonderful world of food!

– Leah